A Passion for Growth

Capstone is a single-minded company. From our foundation in 1995, we've had one focus: external growth for middle market companies. External growth means expanding your company through partnership with another, whether by acquisition, minority ownership, joint venture, strategic alliance or some other structure. In this field, our expertise is unrivalled. There are many firms offering parts of the puzzle: only Capstone is solely focused on external growth for the middle market. Only Capstone covers every component of a successful transaction from initial strategy to deal execution. And only Capstone has spent twenty years with a single focus on middle market M&A. Today, Capstone's experience can be your asset. We can save you millions of dollars and years of heartache, because wherever you are going, we have probably been there before. We invite you to build your growth on our foundations.

The Capstone Story

"I founded Capstone back in 1995 with one concept in mind — to help companies to grow. From the beginning, the focus was growth through external relationships, such as acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

I realized that the traditional approach to M&A was not suited to middle market companies. On the one hand you have consultants who create a strategy and then leave you on your own to implement it. On the other hand you have investment bankers who push strategy aside to execute a deal at all costs.

I developed a new, holistic approach designed to support the client all the way through, from strategy to execution. This became the basis for Capstone's proprietary Roadmap approach to external growth."

David Braun, CEO, Capstone

A Few Company Milestones

Capstone's single focus is our unique methodology for external growth. We've applied it to a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. These include:


"I am a staunch supporter of Capstone. I appreciate the knowledge and skill you bring to the table." —Window films CEO

"Your reputation within our parent company is great. We love working with you guys. We shared your work with the shareholders and in turn, it's been shared with others. You've always delivered for us." —Manufacturing CEO

"Capstone has been great. You've really helped us focus our efforts. We had been chasing acquisitions and external growth for a few years [without success]; Capstone's process and team has helped us tremendously." —Defense contractor CEO

"I can't believe how open they [the prospect] were and how much information was shared. They spent two and half hours meeting with me, but I expected only one." —Defense contractor CEO

"In my opinion, the most productive discussions were between Capstone and the prospect decision maker directly." —Window films CEO

"I always felt you provided me with the right level of direction throughout the process. If I come across any reason or anyone who I think would benefit from your guidance or service, I wouldn't hesitate to send them your way." —Owner of acquisition target contacted by Capstone on client's behalf

It Takes A Team

There are many excellent professionals offering advice on M&A to middle market companies. But to execute a robust and profitable transaction takes more than a talented individual. It requires a team.

From the beginning, founder and CEO David Braun focused on assembling a multi-disciplinary team to help his clients reach their goals. Over the past 20 years, this team has grown in size, capabilities and experience. Capstone's in-house staff of researchers and analysts has built a huge database of industry intelligence.

Even more critical, they have developed the skills to approach owners and executives to begin the conversation that might lead to acquisition. There's no quick route to mastering this art of the first approach — it comes from decades of experience in the field of middle market M&A.

As a result, Capstone clients are exceptionally well informed about markets and companies that they might consider for partnership or acquisition. When a promising prospect appears, they are optimally positioned to begin the courtship.

Celebrate with Us

During 2015, we are celebrating our 20 years of service to the middle market by sharing what we've learned in several new ways.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking about growth, we're here to help. So contact us using the form, or give us a call at 703-854-1910, and let's explore possibilities.