Once you decide to purchase another company, Capstone's specialists can help you plan whether, and how, to integrate the brand of your new acquisition.

Whenever you buy a company, you also buy a brand. What should you do with it? Should you submerge it under yours? Leave it as is? Combine the two brands? Or create a whole new brand for both entities?

The question of the brand is important for multiple reasons: protecting your current standing in the market; the future growth of your new acquisition; and, just as important, the morale of employees in both entities.

It's impossible to address this question effectively without first taking stock of the current brand situation — again, of both companies. And once you decide to make changes to either brand, you'll need careful planning and disciplined execution.

How We Can Help

Capstone can assist with all of the steps involved in brand integration of an acquired company:

  • Expert audit of your own brand
  • Expert audit of the acquisition brand
  • Comprehensive strategy for brand integration (or not, as the case may be)
  • Creative master plan in the event of integration or new branding
  • Strategic messaging
  • Engagement of employees in any brand change
  • Creative execution and application of new branding to all marketing assets

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