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The Capstone Webinars

The Capstone Webinars

Education for Action

Learn About Strategic Growth Through M&A

In a monthly webinar series, Capstone shares its expertise on strategic growth through M&A. In each live webinar, a seasoned M&A expert provides practical tools and tactics to accelerate your company’s growth.

  • Learn from Leaders

    The Capstone webinars are presented by the only major M&A advisory firm entirely focused on the use of M&A for strategic growth in the middle market. This is unique expertise you simply cannot find elsewhere.

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    12 webinars led by experts in M&A, Valuation, and Taxes.

    Receive a 15% discount.

    Access webinar recordings on-demand.

    Become M&A U™ webinar certified.


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  • A Rich and Varied Curriculum

    Webinar topics include:

    1. Your Five Options for Growth
    2. Discovering the Right Markets for Growth
    3. How to Pick Top-Notch Companies
    4. “The First Date”: Contacting Owners and Successful First Meetings
    5. Mastering Valuation for M&A
    6. A New Look at Diligence
    7. Successful Negotiation Tactics
    8. Keys to Integration Success
    9. Brand Integration: An Acquisition Challenge
    10. Tax Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions
    11. Contemporary Legal Issues in M&A
    12. M&A: From LOI to Close

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  • CPE Credits

    If you’re looking for Continuing Professional Education, you can acquire up to 12.5 CPE credits by attending the Capstone webinars for the year.

    At the same time, you’ll know that you are also acquiring exceptional knowledge that can profit your company.

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  • M&A U™ Webinar Certificate

    Display your expertise with an M&A U™ webinar certificate! If you attend all 12 Capstone webinars, we’ll present you with an official M&A U™ certificate, signed by lead presenter David Braun.

    The certificate gives you well-earned recognition for your commitment to this important field in your business education.

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  • 15% Discount

    You can attend the Capstone Webinars for just $79 per webinar — $948 total.

    If you subscribe in advance to an entire year, your total cost drops to $805, a 15% discount.

    Questions – Please contact Brent Holliday at (703) 854-1910 or

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  • Upcoming Capstone Webinars

    View our schedule of upcoming M&A webinars and register.

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