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Given Capstone’s acquisition focus and proven track record helping CUSOs complete transactions with privately held companies, we knew their team would help …

Pure IT Credit Union Services

Capstone has played an important role in Pure IT’s expansion of our services and consequently, our ability to work with more credit unions …

KIVA Group Inc.

Capstone played a significant role in keeping the process on track. Everything was handled in a professional manner …

Nuvision CUSO Holdings, LLC – 2

We had a positive experience working with the Capstone team. As they led us through the process to find the right strategic partner, their team was professional, ethical …


The Capstone team was extremely helpful


The insights the Capstone team developed and synthesized … moved the dial

Second Act Financial Services, LLC

The Capstone team tailored an engagement that hit the mark

SCF Solutions, LLC

The approach was not just about the financials but the cultural fit with our organization. When we are ready to consider other purchase opportunities …

Green Dot Limited

We are happy to have Capstone as our M&A advisor guiding us through the transaction. Their expertise, counsel and professionalism …

Madico, Inc.

Throughout the acquisition process, the Capstone team was instrumental as our guide, sounding board, and stabilizing force as negotiations proceeded