Capstone Strategic, Inc. Success Stories

We have worked with domestic and international companies in more than 100 industries. Our clients include middle market companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations and family-owned firms.

Capstone Strategic Deals in the News

Capstone Strategic Advises Achieva Credit Union on the Purchase of Cannella Insurance Services

Capstone Strategic Announces Successful Acquisition of AquaPro by Intermatic

Capstone Strategic Advises SCF Solutions in the Acquisition of Arthurs Insurance

Capstone Strategic Advises PSCU on the Acquisition of Juniper Payments

Capstone Strategic Advises Pure IT and Janusea on Acquisition of Select Assets from KIVA Group

Capstone Strategic Assists CUSO Pure IT in Developing Partnerships with Ardent and Envisant

Capstone Strategic Facilitates Strategic Partnership Between PSCU and Amount

Case Studies

Becoming the #1 Call Center for Credit Unions

Becoming the #1 Call Center for Credit Unions “Capstone Strategic was the first name that came to mind when we started discussing reviewing our proactive acquisition strategy.”

Finding the Right Equation for Successful M&A

With guidance from Capstone Strategic, SCFS enhanced its comprehensive benefit solutions business by acquiring Innova Plan Strategies.

Testimonials from a few of our clients

Capstone was instrumental in identifying Cannella Insurance as an acquisition candidate after understanding our strategic requirements. They provided valuation insights and spear-headed business term development after facilitating conversations with both Achieva and Cannella. I consider them a true strategic partner and extension of our team.
John Wintermeier
Board Chairman
Achieva Insurance Agency
I highly recommend Capstone Strategic as a valued partner we’ve worked with closely over the years.  Their team has provided us with strategic guidance, project facilitation, prospect evaluation and market outreach, valuation capabilities, and deal advisory.
Tom Kane, President
Illinois Credit Union League
Capstone’s guidance throughout the process was invaluable. Having Capstone’s experience on call gave us the confidence that Intermatic was the right home for AquaPro.
Charles Murphy
AquaPro Systems
Capstone’s team identified Arthurs Insurance as a strategic acquisition candidate to help us expand. As we worked through the process, they successfully helped us build a personal relationship with Chris Arthurs, which has set us up for growth for years to come.
Joe Grech
SCF Solutions, LLC
Capstone Strategic has played an important role our expansion of services and consequently, our ability to work with more credit unions. Our partnership with Capstone has proven to be an instrumental part of our credit union and CUSO growth story.
Jack Smith
CEO and Co-Founder
Pure IT Credit Union Services
Capstone played a significant role in keeping the process on track. Everything was handled in a professional manner, and we enjoyed working with the Capstone team.
Tina Baker
KIVA Group Inc.
We had a positive experience working with the Capstone team. As they led us through the process to find the right strategic partner, their team was professional, ethical, and communicated well, while helping us maximize value.
Roger Ballard
Nuvision Federal Credit Union
The Capstone team was extremely helpful as we prioritized our Buy-Build-Partner alternatives, strategically evaluated specific candidates, and collaborated throughout the valuation process.
John Ainsworth
President and CEO
The insights the Capstone team developed and synthesized for me through a series of personal Board interviews moved the dial for me and the organization.
Paul Ablack
Founder and Former CEO
The Capstone team tailored an engagement that hit the mark, allowing me to swiftly get up the credit union marketplace learning curve. Looking back, it was a critical foundational element that ultimately jump-started me on the way to attaining my objectives.
Elias Papasavvas
Second Act Financial Services, LLC
The approach was not just about the financials but the cultural fit with our organization. When we are ready to consider other purchase opportunities, Capstone will be the first company we call.
Bonnie Ciuffo
SCF Solutions, LLC
We are happy to have Capstone as our M&A advisor guiding us through the transaction. Their expertise, counsel and professionalism were instrumental in putting together the deal.
Ketan Patel
Green Dot Limited
Trinidad and Tobago
Throughout the acquisition process, the Capstone team was instrumental as our guide, sounding board, and stabilizing force as negotiations proceeded … I’m confident that the deal would not have been completed without their insight and involvement.
Paul Moynihan
Madico, Inc.
We enjoyed a productive relationship with Capstone that culminated in the sale. The process went well and Capstone paid attention so things progressed smoothly.
Computer Software Firm
Capstone delivered an informative presentation on valuation at NACUSO and it had immediate application for our CUSOs. We engaged the Capstone team and then asked them to deliver another educational session to an extended group at our credit union and the CUSO Board. Their insights have proven to be quite valuable as we chart the course forward for our Deep Future Analytics CUSO. Capstone’s team provides valuable insight to CUSOs and the industry.
Dale Fosselman
Past President
Deep Future Analytics, LLC
Nuvision CUSO Holdings, LLC
Capstone has played a huge part in our early success by helping identify and open doors with the right strategic partners. We appreciate the role the team has played in furthering our growth strategy and we see a long and fruitful relationship for years to come!
Lee Miller
President and Co-Founder
Renovation Finance LLC
Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed working with the Capstone team. Beyond prospect identification and prioritization, once you open the door with owners, I learn a lot through the meeting portion of the process as well. The recent market due diligence research report you delivered helped us focus resources toward targeted channels for growth. Great team.
Rick Jones
President and CEO
Mechanical Technology, Incorporated
Capstone helped identify the right prospect that shares our commitment to excellent service. Capstone’s process brought us a great strategic match. Working with their team enabled us to swiftly refine our focus and build a strong foundational relationship with IDI.
Mike Melo
CEO and Co-Founder
ITA International LLC
The Capstone team assisted us to clarify our strategic focus and did a fantastic job helping us to build an extensive pipeline of partners. We are using that pipeline to expand our growth prospects.
Vice President
Multinational Corporation
It’s certainly been a rewarding relationship for us as Capstone helped our team with alignment and focus. As a result of working with you, we have identified the top 3 initiatives and where to focus. We are using Capstone’s partner criteria matrix and your quote has become a mantra around our office now, ‘focus is your friend’. We will engage again.
Karan Bhalla
CU Rise
Since first meeting the Capstone team, they have been a great advocate for Pinkaloo and our solution. As a result of them tailoring a way to successfully complement our internal efforts, we greatly benefited from solid, high-level introductions in the credit union market.
Gideon Taub
Throughout every step of the process, Capstone worked diligently to address key challenges, and, most importantly, actively listened to uncover important issues on both sides. They helped forge a positive relationship between our organizations and I’m excited about our opportunities to grow together in the future.
David Bryant
In line with PSCU’s culture, Capstone provides a high level of service and customized experience. We would not get the same type of connection and intimacy from a large consultancy. We appreciate our close working relationship, Capstone’s understanding of the marketplace and professionalism.
Vel Davidov
Senior Vice President
We appreciated Capstone’s attentiveness in helping all parties through a process with novice sellers and plenty of tricky details. Everyone was very satisfied with the outcome.
Joe Breeden
Prescient Models, LLC
Capstone’s team far exceeded our expectations for what is possible through a growth partnership. They have opened new doors, aligned closely to enhance our strategic direction, and always provide fresh analysis and perspectives for decision-making.
Dave Cerwinski
VP of Corporate Development
Wescom Credit Union
Capstone has been an outstanding partner to Robroy Industries and instrumental in helping us define our long term growth goals. Working with our leadership team, Capstone helped us articulate and map out our 10-year strategic growth initiatives. Capstone’s proven roadmap to successful acquisitions has served us well as we recently closed our first major acquisition in over a decade.
Jeff McIlroy
Robroy Industries
Without reservation, I can highly recommend the Capstone team. We retained their services to help acquire a specific target company in our industry. When Capstone did the initial research on the target company, I told them it would be nothing short of a miracle if they could even get our foot in the door. Not only did they get the door open in a relatively short amount of time, but we successfully closed the acquisition of the target company. If it was not for the Capstone team, I seriously doubt we would have gotten anywhere with the target company on our own.
Chris D. Gilleland
William Douglas Management, Inc.
Given Capstone’s acquisition focus and proven track record helping CUSOs complete transactions with privately held companies, we knew their team would help us anticipate the unknown and find solutions as we encountered hurdles. They listened and helped guide all the parties involved through the due diligence journey while navigating us over the goal line.
Kyle Stutzman
If you are thinking about developing a CUSO growth strategy, I would highly advocate working with Capstone Strategic. Their knowledge and experience aided our organization in developing a more targeted and strategic approach to the utilization of CUSOs as part of our Smart Growth strategic pillar. Their vast history of the CUSO industry achieved our desired goals of educating our board and team, developing a policy and strategy our board approved and then partnering with GLCU on executing on our key CUSO focus areas and effectively evaluating current CUSO opportunities.
Steve Bugg
President and CEO
Great Lakes Credit Union
Over the years, Capstone has been a great partner for us. We certainly value the strategic advice their team has provided and appreciate the personal approach to understanding our situation and related objectives.
Rich Jenks
The Barton Group