Our Services

Our Services


Capstone offers a complete process for acquisitions, plus a range of specialized services to support your external growth. Our professional team includes leading experts in acquisitions, valuation, integration, divestiture, research, strategy and more.


Roadmap to Acquisitions℠

When organic growth hits a plateau, it’s time to consider external growth. The right acquisition can be the fastest route to expanding market reach, adding new technologies, acquiring top talent and gaining competitive advantage. Capstone is the leader in middle market mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic Consultation

The field of external growth and acquisitions entails every aspect of business life—operations, management, sales, marketing and finance.  For every transaction we plan and execute, we have to address challenging issues in all these areas.

Market Research

Successful external growth requires the highest quality of research, so that decisions made are supported by the best available information. Capstone provides a range of customized market and company research services.


Capstone’s valuation specialists adopt a multi-dimensional approach for reliable results. Capstone’s approach to company valuation is multi-dimensional: we combine proprietary analytical tools with our deep experience of M&A transactions across a broad range of companies and industries.


A divestment is the opposite of an investment.  At times, a company may want to sell a business or division to focus more closely on its core operations.  When it comes to divestiture, Capstone can provide consulting and advisory services to find potential buyers for that portion of the company, while also helping to negotiate the transaction.