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M&A Insights from David Braun and Other Experts

In this recent issue of the food industry publication, The Food Institute, Capstone CEO David Braun discusses why increasing M&A activity is being seen throughout the complex and interconnected food system. https://foodinstitute.com/focus/analysis-food-industry-ma-activity-shows-no-signs-of-slowing/... Read more >
Published on: 12-01-21
Whether due to merger, expansion, or investment, an understanding of the processes and techniques of valuation is crucial for the effective growth and solid financial performance of credit unions. Capstone Managing Director John Dearing and Manager Anna Kochkina break down the multifaceted valuation process in CUInsight. https://www.cuinsight.com/credit-unions-valuation-and-ma-transactions.html... Read more >
Published on: 11-29-21
Capstone CEO David Braun shared his insights with the business website Real Money, about the recent news of large conglomerates like General Electric and Johnson & Johnson splitting into separate companies. And why other large, established companies may follow suit. https://realmoney.thestreet.com/investing/stocks/ge-isn-t-the-only-aging-company-that-could-benefit-from-a-breakup-15830176... Read more >
Published on: 11-16-21


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