Capstone GrowthCast™

Get the Measure of Your Growth Opportunities

Capstone GrowthCast™ is a proprietary tool that identifies your untapped growth opportunities.

Many well-run companies hit a growth plateau. They try to solve the problem by doing more of the same — but better. Here’s the problem: incremental changes can only produce incremental growth.

To achieve a leap in growth, you need a leap in thinking. Read on to learn more.

  • Organic Growth

    Organic growth includes all the forms of growth generated by your existing company, whether with current products and markets, or with new products and new markets.

    Organic growth is the foundation of every company’s success. But it’s a foundation to build on, not to cling to.

    Organic growth alone is subject to the law of diminishing returns.

  • External Growth

    External growth is any kind of growth that involves a relationship with another company. Acquisition is the most obvious but not the only relationship.

    Other forms of external growth include minority ownership, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

    External growth is often the best way to break through a growth plateau.

  • How Capstone GrowthCast™ Drives New Thinking

    Capstone GrowthCast™ is a data-driven interactive tool that enables you to visualize the gap between your target and actual growth. This gap becomes the measure of your external growth potential. In other words, Capstone GrowthCast™ turns frustration into opportunity.

  • Download Capstone GrowthCast™ FREE

    To use Capstone GrowthCast™ you provide inputs unique to your company, including both current results and future projections. Capstone GrowthCast™ generates a precise picture of your potential for growth through external relationships.

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