M&A Express Videos

Your fast track to successful external growth

M&A Express is a high-impact series of videos presented by David Braun, founder of Capstone and author of Successful Acquisitions: A Proven Plan for Strategic Growth.

Each video runs 20 minutes or less, and delivers cutting-edge insights on proven growth strategies for middle market companies.

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The Letter of Intent: A Key Milestone

The LOI is far more than a legal document. It’s a key milestone in the M&A process and can be a powerful tool for getting the deal done. In this video you’ll learn how the LOI can help you position the deal in the eyes of sellers and their influencers. You’ll also see how to use the LOI to test your assumptions, and set the seller’s expectations about deal structure, price and the acquisition process

Cultural Due Diligence

Cultural integration can be the make-or-break of a successful acquisition, so it’s essential to conduct due diligence before the deal is done. In this video you’ll learn how to assess your own culture first, seeing it as others might. David Braun then shows you how to understand the culture of a potential acquisition. You’ll learn what kind of questions to pursue — and who to ask — as you evaluate a potential purchase

Why You Need a Roadmap

Having a roadmap for your acquisitions sounds good in principle. In this video, you’ll learn why it’s essential in practice. David Braun explains the three primary phases of the acquisition process, and the key guidelines you’ll need to follow for each phase. The information presented here can make the difference between a successful acquisition and a disaster.

Where To Start Your Search

David Braun introduces the demand-driven approach to picking your acquisition targets. Here is a truly strategic approach to finding the right company to buy. You’ll learn to look beyond the “deal” to consider long-term market forces that can make or break the success of your acquisition

When to Walk Away

Sometimes an acquisition that looked promising turns out to be less than ideal as you get closer to finalizing the deal. The question becomes: Should we proceed or should we back out? In this important video, you’ll learn clear criteria for abandoning an acquisition before it’s too late. The information here can save your company millions of dollars and years of heartache.

The Hidden Power of Minority Ownership

Minority ownership is often dismissed as an unattractive option, but in the right circumstances it offers multiple advantages. David Braun overcomes one of the strongest objections to minority ownership — lack of control. He demonstrates how much impact you can have as a minority owner, while spreading your risk and potentially getting more for your dollar than in a 100% acquisition.

How Far to Integrate

With every acquisition you have a choice of how, and how far, you integrate the two entities. David Braun challenges the “winner-takes-all” approach, where buyers impose their systems and culture on the acquired company. In this video he advocates a strategic approach that leverages the best from both entities. He also introduces the power of the 100-day plan in achieving a successful integration.