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Make room at the adult table for CUSOs It’s an old, but often true, phrase that some things get better with age. From wines and cheeses to flannel shirts and blue jeans, maturity is often associated with a high comfort level and feelings of security. CUSOs have undergone a maturation process as well, advancing with … Continue reading... Read more >
Published on: 05-23-24
Capstone’s Abigail Iaconis Earns MMP Certification Capstone Strategic is pleased to announce that Senior Analyst Abigail Iaconis has received her certification as a Middle-Market Professional (MMP) from the Association for Corporate Growth. In order to receive the MMP certification, students must complete a 4-to-6-week self-study course, and successfully pass an exam. The program covers the … Continue reading... Read more >
Published on: 04-04-24
Capstone’s John Dearing Shares Thoughts as Part of Strategic Growth White Paper Capstone Partner John Dearing provided expertise and insight for a recent white paper published by America’s Credit Unions’ CEO Council. Leveling Up: Leadership Through Asset Size Growth examined ways to potentially increase credit union asset size through both organic and inorganic growth. Dearing … Continue reading... Read more >
Published on: 03-18-24

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